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As current infrastructure ages and safety regulations tighten, there is a growing demand for practical, efficient solutions for bridge repairs and replacements. Often these structures are placed in high traffic areas, and may be difficult to access. Pouring concrete onsite can be costly, time intensive and inconvenient for travelers.

By combining the efficiency and quality of precast inverted tee designs, roadways open more quickly and shorten construction time resulting in cost savings and increased quality assurance. In addition to inverted tee bridges, other precast, prestressed concrete bridge offerings include:

  • I-Beams
  • Box Beams
  • Quad Tees
  • Piling


Forterra's precast inverted tee bridge replacements afford many advantages.

  • They eliminate a majority of the forming and shoring required in cast-in-place structures.
  • They can be placed in one day for set-up and deck pour right away, saving cost and time.
  • This bridge replacement method is approved and specified by the Department of Transportation.
  • Inverted tees are manufactured under plant conditions and DOT inspection, therefore meeting dimensional accuracy and DOT standards.
  • Forterra inverted tees are ready to ship immediately for use upon contractor request.
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