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Precast / Prestressed concrete is the material of choice for bridge and commercial structures. This is due to the fact that this type structure has proven itself to be durable, economical and low-maintenance. Forterra Pipe & Precast's line of Precast / Prestressed concrete construction products are fabricated in a facility with PCI qualified quality control and delivered to project sites with specialized hauling equipment as required.

Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges

  • standard AASHTO sections types I, II and III. (special designs are available)
  • bulb-tee girder sections types BT-54, BT-63 and BT-72. (special designs are available)
  • there is no limit to roadway widths. Typical girder spacings range from 5'- 0" to 9' - 0" as required by design
  • high strength concrete is available for special applications
  • precast structure (columns & caps)

Prestressed Concrete Bridge Applications

  • vehicular bridges
  • railroad bridges
  • pedestrian bridges
  • pipeline support bridges
  • docks


  • assured quality control (PCI certified plant)
  • flexibility in design
  • more durable and economical than other bridge systems
  • special modified sections are available with extended span ranges up to 165 feet
  • technical support for owners and designers

Applicable Bridge Specifications

The following specifications apply to Precast / Prestressed concrete girders manufactured by Forterra Pipe & Precast:

  • various State Departments of Transportation
  • PCI Certifications
  • AASHTO Standard Specifications for highway bridges (HS20 Loading) or
  • AASHTO LRFD (HL-93 loading)
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