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The Forterra Lifting Loop is an economical and innovative cast-in lifting system for precast concrete pipe delivering an immediate and superior lift and lay pipe method that is swift, safe and secure and eliminates the need to drill, plug or grout lifting holes.

The Lifting Loop is made of high grade galvanized steel wire and is zinc plated for protection against corrosion.

The superiority of this innovative new lift and release system reduces prep and labor and saves you time and money!

MDOT Approved!


The Forterra Lifting Loop are routinely used for the following products:

  • Reinforced Concrete Round Pipe
  • Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe


  • MDOT Approved!
  • Saves Time and Money!
  • Ready for Immediate Use!
  • Pre-Engineered Superior Quality Pipe!
  • Innovative Cast-In Lifting System!
  • Swift, Safe & Secure!
  • Ease of Pipe Installations!
  • Eliminates Drilling and Lift Hole Plug and Patches!


The Forterra Lifting Loop is available in:

  • 12-48" Round and Arch Pipe
  • Larger Sizes Coming Soon!


Grounded In Strength