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Precast Meter Vaults are designed to provide a watertight, yet accessible, enclosure to the underground valve and meter assemblies. Available are a range of vault sizes for both domestic and fire line water meters as well as double detector check backflow preventer valve assemblies. Vaults arrive on the job site fully assembled to job specifications with all valves pre-installed and ductile iron or C-900 pipe stubs for easy connection to the system. Forterra vaults are less expensive, less labor intensive, and more environmentally secure than field-assembled vaults. Access is simple with traffic bearing concrete lids or hot-dipped galvanized steel covers.


Typical size range is for 3"-10" pipe assemblies for water meters, backflow check valves and isolation and control valves.


  • Plant quality control
  • Consistency
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Fast start-up
  • Simple, easy access
  • Watertight enclosure ensures an optimal working environment for future operations & maintenance
  • Economical

Applicable Specifications

The following specifications apply to precast vaults:

  • ASTM C857 — Minimum structural design loading for underground precast concrete utility structures
  • ASTM C858 — Standard specification for underground precast concrete utility structures
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