Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is one of the most innovative construction materials available today and facilitates unprecedented opportunities for design.

This panelized precast system (GFRC) boasts over 30 years of proven performance since alkali-resistant glass fibers were first developed in 1969.

GFRC is a Portland cement-based composite with alkali resistant glass fibers that are randomly dispersed throughout the product. The fibers serve a purpose similar to the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete which is placed primary in tensile stress areas.

Unlike many other exterior wall systems, GFRC panels are normally delivered to the job site with steel studs integrated into the panels.

For the owner and tenant, GFRC provides durability, fire resistance, sound reduction, energy conservation and general superior properties inherent in the material.

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